Wednesday, July 4, 2007

To Be Young and Hopeful...

...about one thing, at least.

I'm getting an apartment in the fall, and for the first time will have my own (very small) kitchen. And I am ridiculously, I would venture even endearingly, excited. It would be far more intelligent, I'm sure, to be jaded and world-weary about the whole thing. Expecting nothing and therefore risking nothing when things work out badly: when I can't or don't make time to cook, when I can't afford ingredients or equipment, when my toasted nuts emerge as blackened ghosts of their former selves, setting off the fire alarm...

But did I ever make claims to intelligence? I think not. And I have plenty of cynicism left over which covers a wide array of places and people. So perhaps all is not lost.

Here, then, is my naïveté. For your amusement. Perhaps even for mine.

There are a number of food blogs out there that I much admire, and I have only a few illusions that this will become one of them. (They will be stomped out in due time. Fear not.) But perhaps I will learn a thing or two, and be able to even improve or something. I probably won't put up too many recipes, but photographs and stories and other bits of useless text. Or if I'm particularly ambitious, maybe I'll even write up the recipe myself so I can post that too. (Did you know that you can copyright the instructions but not the ingredients of a recipe? Just for your edification.) Please feel free to comment.

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