Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Beautiful Disaster

I'm feeling rather silly here, having started my blog and being more or less unable to post to it. I had the rationale that I ought to start it now, as I have more time—which I still think is a perfectly reasonable idea. But the difficulty is that, having gone to this much trouble, I find that I really want to post something. I'm working out of the country, living in a small apartment, have no bowls or spatulas or cooking sheets or even an oven... but I want to post about the things I cannot make all the same.

So I thought I'd post one more photograph lurking in my archives, which I didn't put up the first time because it was such a complete and utter failure.

I rather think that they're pretty, but they tasted terrible. I served them at a dinner party and sort of wanted to curl up and die. *sigh* Never again.

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